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What’s your position within dezrez? 
Operations Manager 

New Year’s Resolutions?
To get fit, lose weight and start running again.

How long have you been with dezrez for?
I have been at dezrez for just over 8 years.  I have been very lucky to be part of such a successful company that has grown every year I have worked here. When I joined back in 2004 there was only 7 or 8 members of staff – now there’s over 70 of us!

A short background about yourself

I was born in Glasgow and moved to South Wales when I was two and have been here ever since, growing up in the Mumbles area of Swansea. I went to local primary and comprehensive schools and did my Software Engineering degree in the Swansea Institute. I worked as an Estate agent part time whilst in University and then Full time for a while until I met Ian Pearce (CTO of dezrez) when he was buying a house through the agency I worked for. We got chatting, a job at dezrez came up and the rest is history. In my time at dezrez, I have been a trainer, account manager, Head of Account Management and am currently Operations Manager. Personally, I enjoy Rugby and attempting to stay fit which contradicts my love of food. I have a little boy called Sam and am happily married to Laura (Liddell – Operations Manager of dezrez legal).

Funniest moment in dezrez
Ruling out any drunken Christmas related antics. Recently, Matt Davies and I broke down on the M5 whilst visiting a customer, you had to laugh as there was not much else we could do, sitting there panicking/laughing whilst cars flew past us on either side!

Favourite Film?
Super Bad! 

What sports teams do you support?
Scotland in all things Football and Rugby related, followed very closely by Wales. I always look out for the Swans score In the football as well.

What CDs do you keep in your car, favourite musics/ bands/ artists
Love the Killers, Oasis, Blur, Radiohead, Nirvana, REM, the Foos, RATM all those legendary bands from my youth really. I like a lot of new stuff as well, Swedish house Mafia are pretty good. 

Favourite food
Thai, Curry, nandos, or anything barbequed is pretty much fine by me. Bread and chocolate are a big downfall!

Most embarrassing moment
The Prime Minister, Tony Blair visited dezrez back when I first started at dezrez. I was supposed to take the photos of him with the bosses but he walked up to me and said “I suppose you want a photo”, he stood next to me – I was going to put my arm round him but he said “lets do the Gorbechov/Regan Handshake”. The worst part was that there were lots of press and TV people there – it went out on the news that night, I looked like a right moron. Plus I was much fatter and had a really dodgy hair cut! You can see the picture below.

Getting married to Lau, having my son, getting a degree, climbing Snowdon a few times, the Macmillan walk. Being part of dezrez.

I would recommend:
The dezrez Integrated phone software

It is by far my favourite dezrez plugin. You can see who’s calling, link directly through to the customer as they ring you. All calls are recorded against the client themselves and are within their cards. There are plenty of additional reports as well.

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