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Okay so you now understand the importance of social media but you are thinking what shall l tweet? What shall l post to facebook?

Approx 50% of all estate agents in the UK have a social media presence of some kind but only a few that are really maximising this marketing medium most try it for 1/2 months then give up as they do not see any business directly from social media.

Social media takes time see it as building a house brick by brick. All good things take time and you have to be consistent and different which is incredibly difficult when there is so much else to do in your normal day.

Yes you have heard it before but content is king without good quality content your audience will simply switch off they will unfollow you on twitter they will unlike you on facebook.

It is making sure you find that balance that suits you and your companies brand. Having a good mixture of content will keep your audience interested and will also attract more people/companies to follow you on twitter and to like your facebook page.

Please see below a list of some content ideas that l hope you will find useful –

  1. Property News
  2. Mortgage News
  3. DIY Tips
  4. Tips specific for landlords
  5. Tips specific for FTB’s
  6. Tips for vendors
  7. Buying tips
  8. Mortgage tips
  9. Write Blogs – Why buy in your area?
  10. Write about what your local area has to offer
  11. Property of the week – Do not set up an automated property feed (my pet hate)
  12. Office pictures
  13. Share local positive news
  14. Company newsletter
  15. Company news
  16. Post pictures of your staff with a Bio
  17. Charity & local contributions
  18. Ask relevant questions example – what is most important to you when looking for a property?
  19. Set up mini monthly competitions lt doesn’t have to cost the earth (ask to like/share to enter)
  20. Guess the price of this house 10 years ago
  21. Post pictures of your thank you cards & gifts from happy customers
  22. Post your testimonials from happy clients
  23. Post local house price updates
  24. Find funny pictures/videos that are property related
  25. Post weird & wonderful properties
  26. Mention local companies/suppliers they will reciprocate
  27. Post new job openings
  28. Post pictures of local events
  29. Share celebrity property gossip i.e. Who is moving where & who with
You want to strive to be informative, expert in your field but also sociable at the same time. Property is a people business if they trust you they will instruct you.

Remember before you post anything think to yourself is this relevant to your audience, would they find it of value?

Would they share it to their audience? Would you like the post? If the answer is yes then click that post button!
Once you have the content right you then need to make sure you market your social media platforms.

By having good content people will find you, but in order to attract as many people/companies as possible then make sure
you have your facebook/twitter/you tube accounts on all your offline marketing material.

Think of it as taking on a great new listing if you do not market the property you will not get many viewings.

And last of all have fun!

Ian Charles Watson

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