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Here at dezrez we aim to be one of the most innovative, creative and forward thinking software providers out there. That's why we're constantly investing in our employees to dedicate resources to improve our software. Adding new features to offer a better service to our clients, you the estate agent.

February brings the launch of...

A fantastic new property edit page! Is even more flexible, dynamic and efficient than ever before. The page is almost like an army knife, one which can do pretty much everything, and in many different ways. Here are just a few of the great features it includes:

  • Smart- This feature will auto-save any work on the property after 3, 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Time Saving- Upload multiple images at once – select a number of images and upload them all in one go!
  • Flexible- Change key features, for example you can now rename ‘Description 1’ to Main Description or Bullet Points to make things easier.
  • Clever- Customise the page to the way you want it – move boxes, delete features and add in your own personal touch.
  • Portable- Accessible on the iPad and iPhone – write a property on the go (need 3G or Wi-Fi)

What to look out for within the next few months! 

Polygon Search- It enables individuals to manually map out where they’d like to search for properties on an agencies website; allowing an agency to provide better search functions to meet the needs of their clients more closely. Ultimately providing a better service to their client base as they’ll visually be able to see the search parameters with which they are entering.

This is a screen shot of Zoopla's smart maps however we foresee that our Polygon search will look something like this, but on your own website. 

New Homes- This feature will allow you to effectively promote a property which is within a new build. Saving you even more time by enabling you to duplicate properties so there is no need for double entry. 

1. Upload multiple properties within one location. 
2. Increase chances of matching buyer requirements and criteria.
3. Present a portfolio of properties to interested parties.
4. Allows for both sales & lettings on your website.
5. Presents information more aesthetically.

Once it has been decided which listings are to be created then data is supplied from dezrez to create a listing on Rightmove. New Homes will enable you to present a portfolio of properties, easily populating data fields to successfully market individual plots.

This allows you to effectively promote a building with multiple properties within, differentiating with the costing’s, descriptions and property details which will be grouped within the property itself; essentially allowing an individual to see all of the properties within the development with ease. In addition this will save users plenty of search time as they can specifically identify all available properties within that property. 

This new feature enables agents to successfully market multiple properties from one location; increasing the success of matching a property up with a buyer because of the ability to present numerous property details. 

New Homes will enable you to present a portfolio of properties, easily populating data fields to successfully market individual plots.

Not only will this be beneficial for use on property portals but also within your own website. After uploading a ‘New Homes’ development the feature will allow you to automatically 'let' specific properties within the development to make life even easier for agents and investors. 

We understand the need for flexibility and our developers have adapted this development to meet the needs of not only the agent but also their clients.

Audio Agent integration- Are the UK’s key innovator and market leader for audiotours for all types of business and product.

The audioagent is a way for you to integrate with your internal software to make the whole process, from ordering to delivery, completely automated.


  1. Online portals and websites- audiotours have been built to be compatible with everything.
  2. Any websites- audioagent audiotours are compatible with any website in any country, in any language. We host the tours, we manage everything.
  3. audioagent’s audiotours are a fantastic viral video tool as well. audiotours are compatible will all social media, twitter, facebook, linked in, youtube and any other social media platform.
  4. audioagent’s full service audiotour platform “AGATHA” connects with any estate agents software allowing them the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to order our product. The system has been designed by our internal developers and we constantly upgrade, grow and connect with more suppliers daily.

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