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Moving forward is what we are about here at Dezrez. Making improvements to Dezrez involves looking at customer suggestions and the Uservoice system and working to integrate the suggestions into our product. Currently we are working on the top item in our request list on user voice, check it out! We hope to make this available in around 4 weeks.

With eyes on the future we will soon to be fixing up a series of seminars to discuss the future direction of Dezrez and we want you to attend. DezrezPM is a new building block with phase one now complete and due for general release on the 4th of March - phase 2 is currently planned and ready for development. Our order books are full for the next 20 weeks! With plenty more demand – our sales guys love the added attention!   

We have some great ideas for the future and would love to get our customers thoughts. We have a list of ideas and are looking at the direction of estate agency and how technology should move to assist. It’s an unbounded list containing all our weird and wonderful ideas, as well as the more main stream stuff. How will people run their diaries in 5 years’ time? We would like to share our list with you and discuss the changes that the Estate agency sector has seen and the future direction of our industry. 

We will be hosting a number of events in London one in the midlands and one in the North. If you would like to get involved let us know, simply fill out the form here. We would love to see you there.

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