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        Introducing...Matt Davies!

What is your position within dezrez?

Support Manager at Dezrez

New Year’s Resolutions?
To get back playing more Golf, I have neglected the golf course this year

How long have you been with dezrez for?
Into my 8th year. It’s a dynamic fun company to work for, it is very open and has a relaxed feel, everyone is approachable and has a willingness to help.

A short background about yourself

I was born and bred in Swansea. I have always been involved and interested in IT as my dad owned a software company. I studied IT in College and University, although I left University as I didn’t find the course enjoyable. During this time I worked as a bar man in a nightclub and started applying for IT technician jobs around Swansea. I was then employed by NTL in 2003 as a broadband, TV and phone technician where I worked for 2 years. In 2005 I saw an advert for an IT Support technician for a young growing software company in the estate agency industry. I went through the toughest interview of my life with Wilf and was lucky enough to be offered the position in Dezrez as a 1st Line IT Support Technician.

I started working for Dezrez in October 2005 where I quickly moved into a 2nd line position within 18 months and in 2007 after 2 years I was offered the Head of Support job. I have held this position ever since and have seen the support team grow from of 4 members to a team of 13 to date. We have 8 front line staff, 2 second line and portal staff, 1 portal manager, 1 head of first line and myself.

Funniest moment in dezrez
This is a tough question, I have had many funny moments in Dezrez, 3 of which stand out the most:

• I had a customer call up advising that she could not login, I asked her to enter her password and she started entering her password into the phone.
• I was connected to a customer’s PC trying to fix an issue they had with printing, I asked them if they could close the Window they had open so I could fix the problem they were experiencing, it then went very quiet on the phone after about 40 seconds the customer come back and said “Ok I have done that” I then asked “What have you closed” as the window was still open on the screen, they then advised me that they had closed the window in the office which was open.
• For secret Santa one year, I replaced our MD’s present with a fake present from the Christmas Tree in reception.

Favourite Film?
I have a few:

• Shawshank Redemption
• Cool Runnings
• Happy Gilmore
• Caddy Shack

What sports teams do you support?
Swansea City FC, I used to play football for Ynystawe but then I ruptured my Achilles tendon and went back to playing Golf.

What CDs do you keep in your car, favourite musics/ bands/ artists
CD’s????? is this a question from the 1990’s? You will find an iPod in my car, don’t really have a favourite band or artist, my iPod is full of different types of music. Although I do love to play the Disney Album when stuck in traffic, can’t beat a bit of Hakuna Matata. (my dad’s house is called Hakuna Matata)

Favourite food
Nandos!!!!! Hot Butterfly chicken, chips and garlic bread.

Most embarrassing moment
Too many, probably the most embarrassing, playing a welsh team championship match in golf, got angry punched my golf bag and then got to the next tee, pulled out my driver and I had snapped the graphite shaft from the punch.

I play of a Golf handicap of +1, I wanted to turn professional but never put enough time into practicing, so it’s one of those “What If’s” I have also organised a Breast Cancer charity golf day when I was 18 to raise money for Dr Sharkawi and his team at Singleton Hospital cancer unit as my mum was diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer in 1993. She has made a full recovery and I have the Pink Breast Cancer ribbon stitched into all of my golf shoes. I was also voted IT student of the year at Gorseinon College in 2000, Rhys our portal manager come second but he just copied all of my work! So I had 1st and 2nd really.

What dezrez product would you recommend and why? Including additional features and add ons.
I wouldn’t really recommend a specific product as the whole Dezrez product is fantastic. I would recommend our support team and the support we offer to our customers is the best in the industry.

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