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Getting closer to the customer- Facebook Property Integration

Not sure how to make the most of Facebook to maximise exposure on your properties?

At dezrez we are very social! We can help you set up your Facebook page and give you tips on how to get the most customer interaction.

Did you know that on October the 4th, Facebook’s population matched the population of the entire world in 1804. That’s an interesting fact for you there. But do you think back then they used social platforms to sell properties? Nor do I. But in today’s environment the marketplace is now in the cloud and online. Online shopping has increased hugely in such a short space, people can now shop around to find their preferences; made even better with the search functions and filters that apps provide.

With the evolution of mankind brings new challenges and new opportunities, we’re currently such a social society that we’ve now integrated your properties and website with a facebook integration plugin. Allowing users to search, ‘like’ and potentially share properties which they themselves like or potentially want their friends to see. We all understand how quickly viral marketing can spread over the internet, will one of those be your properties? 

In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s important to stay one step ahead in the market.

So what can you use Facebook for?

Promote your personality- Too many organisations use social media to simply promote their products and services, ‘product dumps’ as I refer to them. This is good for getting exposure of products, but done too much or if there is too large of an emphasis placed on them then it will have a negative impact as the public will see you as just soliciting; deterring them from interacting, engaging and following you as a company. What you need to do is mix your marketing up with some off-topic posts to show the people behind the brand, talk about the local footy, or what you’ve been getting up into the office.

Take below for example, this is what we did to Kevin’s desk when he went solo on the bacon roll order.

Be a social butterfly- Social media isn’t just a broadcasting tool. It’s made for people to communicate over the internet. This means that instead of just posting about yourself, it isn’t a bad thing to reply to individuals, organisations if they ask questions or ask for opinions on topics. Ask questions when you tweet or post, this may help get a response from individuals who feel strongly or have an opinion on the matter.

Promote your business with advertising- Facebook have an advertising tool where you can effectively segment your target market into many different categories. You will then have the option to pay per click or pay per impression, the cost of these differ depending on what you are promoting and the budget you have available. In comparison this is a cheaper advertising option then Linkedin and priced similarly to Google Adwords. The important question you have to ask here is if you feel it is a beneficial way to promote your organisation which will have a return on investment. What tangible results can you forsee from using Facebook advertising? One potential argument for a Facebook advertising budget is that you are generating a much higher level of exposure and awareness of your organisation.

Make Facebook work for you and let it become an essential part of your property marketing strategy.

Begin integrating your properties directly from Dezrez and place more emphasis on engaging rather than uploading. Watch our video below to see the Facebook Property Search in action. 

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