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Van Mildert- Integrated Tenant Referencing

Efficiency is all About the Timing

According to an article published in December in The Journal of Clinical Psychology the second most common New Years Resolution is to "Get organised and waste less time". According to the same article there are only 8% of people who achieve their New Years Resolution. 80% of people who do not achieve their resolutions say that it is because they didn't have time!

Every business knows how important it is to be efficient and to use time effectively.

A business being more effective with its time than its competitors will be able to do one, some or all of the following:

• Provide a higher level of service with a lower number of staff.
• Charge higher fees because it can provide a better level of service.
• Charge lower fees and provide the same or a better level of service than its competitors.
• Be more proactive about growing the business and targeting new leads - staff who are normally tied up with administration can be given more proactive tasks.

As the article quoted above suggests, it can be very hard to identify areas where we can become more efficient and even harder to prioritise the time to change inefficient processes and work on new, more efficient practices.
At Dezrez we are proud that our software helps to promote efficient practice in our clients' businesses. Everything in our software has been designed to save you time and we strive to keeping adding features which will further help you with this.
One area where many of our clients have told us that they feel they waste a lot of time is in lettings. The nature of lettings is that there are many small things when letting a property. It is also the case than barely any of these tasks can be completed in one go. For example, getting a CP12 organised should only be a five minute job but it is spread over two or three days and four smaller components and therefore actually causes about 25 minutes of "interruption" to the working week.
Dezrez is committed to helping you reduce these instances for you wherever possible, after all that is what software is there for.

A major area where Dezrez can help is through "Integrated Tenant Referencing". Dezrez's launched its integrated tenant referencing service in 2011 with tenant referencing partner, Van Mildert. After a very successful roll out and a large number of Dezrez clients using the service, Van Mildert carried out a survey and a "time in motion" study with 50 letting agents who were not using Van Mildert and the Dezrez integrated referencing services and 50 letting agents who were using Van Mildert and the Dezrez integrated tenant referencing service.

In the survey, 86% of letting agents who did not use the Dezrez integrated tenant referencing said that they thought it took them less than five minutes to order and deal with references for each property. 96% of letting agents who use the integrated service thought that it took them less than five minutes.

Following the study, agents who did not use the service were surprised to find that it actually takes them, on average, 39 minutes to deal with the references for just one property. A difference of 34 minutes per property when compared to their initial perception.

Letting Agents who used the integrated tenant referencing through Dezrez were delighted to find that they were correct and that, on average, it took them around 4 minutes - a time saving of 35 minutes per property.

To put this into perspective, if a letting agent aims to let 5 properties per week, then not using the Dezrez integrated tenant referencing service wastes them around 151 hours per year.

When asked, 80% of the letting agents who used the Dezrez Integrated Tenant Referencing service said that, had they not been using the service, they would have had to employ another member of staff within the last six months.

To discuss the integrated tenant referencing service please call us a call now on 0845 465 22 22, the team will be delighted to provide you with a free trial of this great, time saving service.

Van Mildert- Tenant Referencing

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