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How seriously do you take customer feedback? Here at Dezrez we take it very seriously.

Each time our support team complete a support call we ask for agent feedback. We want to know how satisfied you guys are and was there anything we could have done better? Simple but effective! If we get a low score from a client we make sure we call them and find out what we could have done better! This is part of the 1% philosophy! Make little improvements in our service often.

Our support questionnaire has 4 simple questions and a comments box. We ask, Was the Employee knowledgeable about dezrez products & services, were you given the personal attention you wanted, was your issue resolved in a reasonable amount of time and Were you satisfied your issue was resolved? We ask for a 1 to 5 score, and get top scores in 89, 87 and 91 and 97% respectively. These figures are improving and we continue to monitor them.

Do you record the customer feedback from your agency? Are you getting direct feedback from your customers on how your staff members are performing? Perhaps this would be a great idea for a piece of functionality we could build into the software? Think it’s a good idea? Customers why not visit our Uservoice section where we rate development ideas – search for “Client feedback idea”. Cast your vote and let us know how you think it should work.

Thank you for your continued support.

Wilf Lewis
Managing Director

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