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With the launch of dezrezPM coming ever closer, what better way than to give you a sneak peak of the PM itself. Like reporting?

Well you’ll like dezrezPM, it has a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing reporting system to help make management much easier to handle. 

We appreciate that some of you have been waiting months for this, that’s why we’re trying our best to keep you in the loop and up to date with the developments. With our recent articles informing you of wonderful new developments this article merely aims to keep you up to date and in the loop with how we’re getting on.
We’re now in the process of testing the ‘Property Management’ software, ensuring that it all works perfectly in practice; this is facilitated by alpha testers which we now have using our software. They accept that there will most likely be bugs but this is a vital step in ensure that our product is error-free for its release.
Hundreds of you have now registered your interest in dezrezPM so now would be a good time to provide a list of all the great benefits that dezrezPM has to offer:
• Manage contractors, jobs and invoices
• Ensure that tenants are paying rent on time
• Full accounting module
• Fantastic maintenance
• Property management
• Full reporting
• Invoicing & Billing
• Full maintenance management
• Inspections & inventories
• Pre tenancy checks (custom)- your own checklist to hand
• Manage rents & payments to landlords
• Reminders-Gas safety checks, rent arrears, insurance, inspections
• Custom Dashboard creations to suit multiple job positions- from backend to front of house.
• Bank reconciliation- financial checks on cash flows against the real financial position of the agency.

Not sure if you've registered your interest? Register your interest to find out more.

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