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A message from Chris James, head of dezrez training.


We all enjoy excitement, and dezrez offers just that to both its employees and customers. Our ever evolving estate agency software and new property management software is going down a treat, and that keeps us in the training department very busy!

At HQ, we all work very closely together, not because we are quickly outgrowing the open-plan office space, but because we want to supply a seamless range of products and services that enable you, the agents, to work with a suite of tools, marketing material, websites, and management software that let you do what you do best... Getting those properties on for buyers and tenants to get excited about!

However, there is one vital service we offer which to those of you that are already onboard, have complete choice over, and that service is training. Our experienced trainer Phil Smith, new trainer Simeon Green, and me (head of training) travel the length and breadth of the country visiting new and existing customers to make sure you can make the most of dezrez. To ensure we can deliver the best training and advice whilst we are with you, we keep close relationships with your account managers, your branding team, your software developers and most importantly your support team so that when you ask that question, you’re not waiting for an answer.

During July 2013 the support team received 1311 ‘user help’ requests. User help means that one of our customers got in touch because they weren’t completely sure on how to do something, or use a particular feature. 1311 calls may seem like a lot, but when you put that into perspective, there are well over 20,000 people using dezrez daily, and 16 estate agencies received a new dezrez product in that same period; some of which needed help to get started. The support team love helping people just like you, and they can now help over the phone, by email, or by using the new live chat feature.

The market is gathering pace, and you all want a slice of that pie, so what you may not have time to think about is; if you are one of those customers that often needs support, perhaps what you really need is training? Anything from one hour to a full day could stop you and your colleagues wasting time fumbling around the software looking for something you know it should do or you think it can do. The trainers will make sure you are taught the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to get the job done. We train everywhere from over the phone, at your office, at a venue of your choice, at a venue of our choice, and we’ve even been known to train in people’s houses!

We know the software back to front, and although you may not need to make use of all the features dezrez offers, we can definitely focus on the ones you do. Our agency experience enables us to identify what type of agency you are, and how you work, then we’ll recommend training schedules, areas to improve upon and approach features you didn’t even know were there. When it comes to the delivery of training, the most important part is that we speak plain English, no geek talk, and it’s interesting. To prove us wrong you’ll have to find out...

So how do you go about finding out more; you can email us at to start your inquiry about training at your office, training over the phone, or training at a venue hosted by us near you (delegate days). You’ll also get a fully customised quote for your training investment.

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