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Fancy your hand at a bit of writing do you? Here at dezrez we thought it would be a wonderful idea to open up our blog to our agents! 

Giving you the opportunity to talk about the property market, what makes you tick and your thoughts on the market.

Having guest contributors is an interesting way to vary the personas on the blog. Each person writes differently and people respond differently because of this. Varying the people and content will keep the blog fresh with ideas and content that you as agents will want to read. Why? Because it’s written by you, fellow agents in the property market all giving their 50 cent on the happenings of estate agency lives. 

Because we want to maintain quality in our blog, we’ll be screening all individuals to ensure their articles are beneficial, helpful and consequently add value to our blog. What we do not wish to see, are simply product dumps of your services, which is understandable, I’m sure you can agree.

However, one of the many benefits to guest blogging is the ability to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Thought leadership is often an outcome because of blogging. It's also great for SEO, linking and your digital marketing strategy. 

So if you fancy being a guest contributor then simply email where we’ll then find out what it is that you’re really passionate about and feel like writing. We can assist you with the areas and topics that you may want to write about or if you’ve already got something in mind, all the better. 

In addition to a feature piece, we’ll give you a short company/ individual bio with a link to an external site.

I look forward to hearing from you all,dezrez blog - for estate agents


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