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Improving office communication and efficiency

This month we’ve taken a closer look at inter office communication

and are offering up the opportunity for all dezrez clients to try our CTI software free of charge for two weeks. I can hear some of you thinking ‘what is CTi computer phone integration’ so…

Computer telephone integration is a type of
technology that connects your computer with your phone; a seamless integration between two pieces of technology to offer superior services. It supports and supplements business processes that are unique to each company, identifying further opportunities that weren’t available previously.
There are many reasons why organisations get this feature and service. It has a wide range of capabilities and can be put to good use. To name a few benefits, it allows you to:

Improve communications- Both internally and externally with log information, caller details and instant messaging with colleagues
Raise customer service standards-Know who’s calling and bring up their details, go the extra mile and provide that level of customer service your clients want and expect.
Increase reporting within your agency- View live statuses, record log information and capture important data.
Advance efficiency for staff members- Features allow for one click dial, contact card pop ups and call log information.

Other great ways to improve communication within the office:

Use collaborative software- sometimes communication errors can occur because of email correspondence, different attachments and several copies of one document. Using certain pieces of software allows you to work more effectively, and monitor all input from colleagues working on a project. One example is trello, you can create tasks lists, upload documents and allow comments from members of a board.
Video Conferencing- Sometimes distance creates a barrier for communication as you haven’t got the benefits that face to face communication offers. Keep the call personal, and to the point with video conferencing 
Screen sharing software- Sometimes it's more effective to demonstrate and show somebody exactly what you mean rather than trying to describe it to them. Here at dezrez we use in order to help with our clients and deliver excellent service.  
Have an Intranet- Intranet is a good place where you can increase company interaction, uploading documents, participate in discussion and use it as a general point of contact between departments and so on. An intranet is a good way to involve the whole company whether you’re a one brancher or national estate agent.
Use a CRM system- Which stands for customer relationship management. Often estate agents are known for generating new leads and business but not so well at retaining customers and clients. A CRM is a must have if you want to reduce ‘churn‘ and begin offering that superior service that you customers expect.

What other things do you do to improve your agency communications?

If you want to find out about CTi Computer Phone integration then don’t hesitate in contacting us on 0845 465 2222.


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