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We're proud to announce the launch of our azure cloud based software. 

You’ve probably heard the term “cloud computing”, SQL Azure is a type of Cloud Computing where we are able to use the cloud to replace the server in your office. This means you get many of the benefits that Cloud Computing offer. E.g. rather than the expense of paying for a server upfront, you can “pay monthly” with no minimum term. Since you only pay for what you use, there is no need to pay for future capacity. The fact that it’s on the cloud also means that you will never need to upgrade your server again!

We've been busy and have now released polygon map search 

It allows customers to manually map out where they'd like to search for properties on your website. Add a creative and innovative property search dimension to your website which will help impress the customer whilst making it easier for them to carry out searches.

Ever evolving software with a New Property Page bursting with functionality! 

One area that we've developed is the property edit page, redesigning and improving various aspects of it so that the user experience is better and the functionality is improved. Offering more flexibility and customisation than before.

All the existing functionality of the property edit page can be found in the new version but we have also added the following new additions.

Multiple Picture up loader – Highlight several images from your computer to upload in one go. Then click to drag to the correct section on the edit page. Quicker, easier and simple.

Customise your page – You can now rename options and description boxed on the page. For example you can now rename “Description box 1” to “Summary” or “Rightmove Summary” the choice is yours.

Valuation/Website Tabs – Add in websites that automatically value the property on Zoopla or Mouseprice, only one click necessary. Also add in the back end of your website into the page like your and upload your properties faster***(needs citation)***

Room Creation – Choose which way you would like to add your rooms, be it a simple tally or an in-depth view of the property.

Spell Checker – We have added into each description box a spell checker to help make life easier in that busy office environment.

Summary Page – Navigate here to view all the properties key details like marketing stats, matching applicants and viewing/valuations information.

Document Storage – Create a property particular and store it in our document storage for ease of use and record keeping.

If you have any problems or issues – our support team are available to help you on 0845 465 22 22 option 1.


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