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A message from our Operations Manager:

Ok, so normally you would get a message from Wilf our MD in this section. However we thought that mixing it up a little might be a nice idea. So for the next few months several senior members of staff will be sharing their thoughts with you.

I thought I would write about something I am involved in at the moment and that is revamping the tools that we use to better communicate with you as an agent. Since starting at dezrez, online communication has transformed completely. Email, phone and text messaging were pretty much the limit of getting in touch with a customer.
These days the list is long; and growing. With the likes of Email marketing solutions, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Google+, Pinterest, blogging …. The list goes on.
The learning curve to get to grips with some of these can be steep! It’s one thing knowing how to use social networking on an individual level but another to make it work for you as a business.

This is something we are working hard at trying to improve. In one form or another you may have had some communication from our Marketing Manager, Sabastian. Sab or “Seabass” as he is affectionately known has joined dezrez to aid us in all areas of public communication. 

Sab has the difficult job of trying to juggle what we think we want to say to customers and translating that into a blog, a Facebook update, a 140 character tweet or an article for our newsletter. As you can imagine, with so much going on this is not always easy. If you have any ideas on blogging, tweeting or facebooking just let us know. Also, if you have any thoughts on the industry and would like to write a guest blog or newsletter article please drop Sab an email at

Aside from the social side of things we have been spending quite a bit of time trying to improve our general communication. As you can see our Newsletter has been revamped. We are currently working on the usage report that you receive every month, we aim to make this more useful for each branch to allow you to get the most from dezrez. This will be going through a few phases, you should receive a new look report as part of phase 1 towards the end of August. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see included in the report, please just drop me an email at .

Finally, you will hopefully have received some emails on all the other things dezrez can do for you and product updates including our new property management product dezrezPM. If you haven’t had any, just let me know!


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