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Here at dezrez we aim to be one of the most innovative, creative and forward thinking software providers out there. That's why we're constantly investing in our employees to dedicate resources to improve our software. Adding new features to offer a better service to our clients, you the estate agent.

March brings...

BYM 20:20 Canvassing card system has enhanced its integration with Dezrez to incorporate the 20:20 canvassing card system.
Through, Dezrez gives you the option when you have sold a property to create a 20:20 mail drop. With one click you can send through the post a selection of pre-designed leaflets, tailored to your brand, and sent to 20 houses either side of the property you have sold. Dezrez will then automatically add the image of the property you have sold onto the canvassing card, ensuring it is relevant to the occupants you are trying to attract. It has been proven that timely and targeted Direct Mail is five times more effective, giving your marketing the desired impact, and making your budget goes further.

To ensure your canvassing cards are even more relevant, within Dezrez you can change the wording, add further images, to give it a truly personal feel.

There are many customers already using this module and we have saved them time and money, ensuring that your branches are sending out the most effective method of marketing to attract new instructions. In addition you can view and identify within Dezrez which branches within your network have been capitalising through this marketing tool.
So whether you want to target new properties, or enhance your brand awareness, 20:20 canvassing cards through Dezrez are the ideal way to attract prospective customers.

Windows Updates – Maintaining PC Security Along With Your Dezrez Software

With the new release of IE 10 some dezrez users have been affected, this might be because they have automatic updates turned on or will have wanted to update their IE from 9 to 10. Either way it currently means that some dezrez users will have had an issue with our software compatibility. We thought that it would be good to address this as we’ve been receive a few more support calls than usual.

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A quick update from development

- We’ve managed to get in 150 bug fixes in the last 2 weeks.
- Added an extra 63 compliant letters to be used.
- Added the feature for estate agents to have break clauses on tenancies. The clauses are set up against a tenancy to give early exit reasons from a property. We will give the agency a reminder date (which they set) and a report to show any upcoming break clauses against any of their active tenancies. The agency can set up default clauses and then simply tick which ones they would like to have on a tenancy.

We have made this take precedence in the development department as it has affected the smooth running of our software for estate agents. Therefore we have currently put all other work for the dezrez software on hold until we have solved this issue. 

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