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Normally you would get a monthly message from Wilf our MD. However we thought that mixing it up a little might be a nice idea. So for the next few months several senior members of staff will be sharing their thoughts with you. 

Dezrez- the go to software for estate agents. 

Recently we’ve taken a step back from our daily activities and operations and have taken a look at how we as software providers can help our clients further. We want to position ourselves as the ‘go to software provider’ for estate agents, regarding hints, tips, advice and the usual great piece of software that is user friendly, flexible and efficient. Expect to see many more blog topics on how estate agents can improve performance, hints to help sell properties, how to take great property photographs and more.

Recently we launched a facebook property search integration product and felt that some of our clients weren’t too sure about how popular facebook would become. We’ve developed how to guides, and walkthroughs for Facebook and twitter, hi-lighting the dos and don’ts and wondered if this is something that our clients benefitted from, is it? Further, if this is of value, what would you like us to look at next? Do you want to explore an area and need a little bit of research or guidance? Our experts here at dezrez are more than willing to advise and assist you in developing your agency strategy.

In the future we expect to look at integrating and offering many more services that will assist you in your strategy and business lives. For example a polygon property search, telephone integration, more website designs to suit your needs. Regular fixes, updates and are continuously rolled out as we strive to improve our service and software.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think of our advice, if you have any great hints and tips that you’d like to share then feel free to tweet us @dezrezsoftware or email me at

What we’d love to hear about from you:
  • Any great advice that you’d like to share.
  • Any interesting blogs you write.
  • If you’ve been featured in the newspaper.
  • What you’d like us to write about.
  • Any great news that you receive.
  • Local events that you might be involved in.

And remember, it’s great to start a bit of discussion around these topics as you’ll begin to develop a greater level of understanding within your specific market and with others around you.


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