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MD looks at why it's the little things......

I went to see a “good agent” recently.
When I say a “good agent” I refer to an agent that runs a great business in a competitive area and uses our software very well. He strives for the best from his staff and software.

I went to meet him because he had a few things he would like to improve about our product. He had looked around the market and still felt dezrez had offered the best functionality and value for money. What I found interesting was that even though the client knew a huge amount about the software there were still lots and lots of things we could show him about dezrez he didn’t know. The functionality we showed him fixed some of his issues, and we listened to the others and will take his suggestions on board for our upcoming development sprints.

This got me thinking. What’s the best way to inform agents of the minutia of ways to perform different jobs? How can we provide information on the many areas of functionality that they may not have investigated? As I have previously mentioned we are improving the way we communicate new functionality. We are doing this via videos and better placed user help. We have started extending this to existing functionality – check out our You tube channel – we are starting with the basics but expect to see a lot more content on there very soon. We are working hard on a customer portal that will deal with our current users and present them with the information they need.

The agent in question suggested that we send something out in the post – we would be happy to do this if it helps? Let us know if you would like an update on what we are doing by post, or will it end up in the bin? Let me have your thoughts on how best we can communicate new functionality to you and how best you want to hear about small functionality improvements? It’s really important

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