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Amazing marketing response rates achieved

An amazing marketing response-rate of 20% to over 60% depending on the messages sent

Case Study: Williams Estates and BriefYourMarket


In 2010, the launch of a new partnership between dezrez and email marketing firm BriefYourMarket was widely welcomed by dezrez users. Williams Estates, an award-winning estate agency based in Cheshire, was one of the many estate agents who decided to try email marketing for the first time using the new service. Twelve months on, we thought it was the perfect time to see how they're getting on.

In this interview, Andrew Williams, Director of Williams Estates, discusses his experience of using BriefYourMarket.

Why did you want to try email marketing?

I've always believed a good marketing strategy is key to growing an estate agency business. Like many estate agents, we had a long list of new, old and potential clients on our dezrez database that we knew would generate revenue if we could market to them effectively. Email marketing was the ideal solution - it's fast, direct and very cost effective. We just needed to find an email system that would integrate seamlessly with our existing dezrez system. When the BriefYourMarket partnership was announced we thought 'let's go for it'.

Was the integration with dezrez straightforward?

Yes. BriefYourMarket and dezrez completed the integration automatically - we didn't need to do anything technical. Both systems talk to each other perfectly, which is great because we can focus our attention on the marketing side without worrying about the technical details. The people at BriefYourMarket and dezrez did all the hard work.

Your newsletter looks very professional. Who designed it for you?

BriefYourMarket created the newsletter template as part of the service. We discussed our brand and our website with them and they came back with a design that matched our look-and-feel perfectly. It was great to know that every email we sent would match our other marketing material. Now we just type in the text and the system builds each newsletter to match our brand.

What do you email out to your dezrez database?

The system lets you send out newsletters that contain articles on any subject. We prefer to have a relaxed feel to our newsletter so it's called 'Clicks and Mortar'. We have articles on a wide range of subjects - top tips for selling, mortgage rate news, buying advice - anything that will help keep our customers interested. The newsletter is also great for highlighting specific properties that we want to focus buyer-attention on. My favourite regular feature is a list of our top three properties of the month - it's always interesting to see which customers click through to read more details on a specific property. We are then able to send more information to anyone who has shown an interest in specific properties.

Do you use BriefYourMarket to promote specific services?

Yes. As well as our regular estate agency sales and letting service, we've also used our email newsletter to highlight our 'added value' services such as mortgage arrangement. We're also starting to look at the opportunities for promoting third-party suppliers recommended by Williams Estates, such as solicitors and moving services. This is an exciting revenue-generating opportunity that we'll be exploring in 2011.

Do you have any other plans in the pipeline?

We're currently looking at 'Event-based Messages' too. As a house sale progresses, an action logged in dezrez on a client account will trigger an automatic message to the customer involved – depending on the action, this could be a simple update, or a cross-selling message. This will save us a lot of time and help maximise our cross-selling opportunities. I can't give you too many details though – the plans are top-secret!

You've been using BriefYourMarket for 12 months now, what's the verdict from Williams Estates?

I've been very impressed with the results. Our readership rates are high and BriefYourMarket is driving sales month on month. We're achieving readership rates of up to 60% depending on the messages sent - and best of all we can see who's reading which articles, allowing us to identify hot prospects instantly. We also use the system to publicise our customer testimonials - which always bring a good response. BriefYourMarket is a powerful marketing weapon.

Would you recommend BriefYourMarket to other estate agents?

Yes, definitely. Just don't tell my local competitors just yet – I like to have a head start!

As a final comment, we also spoke to Wilf Lewis, Managing Director of dezrez, about how Williams Estates is using the new service. "I'm delighted with the positive results that Williams Estates have achieved" said Wilf. "The BriefYourMarket integration is proving to be very popular. I'd recommend that all dezrez users see it in action."

For more details on how you can stay in-touch with your clients at minimal cost using

BriefYourMarket, call 08450 26 79 79 or email and request your free demonstration.

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