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Professionally Printed Brochure Designs

Dezrez have worked with Ravensworth for nearly 10 years. How do we integrate? It’s simple! Dezrez produce your details within the system. You proof your property and press print, selecting the quantity and the paper weight you require, as well as finishing requirements like lamination. The document is sent directly into Ravensworth’s print queue, printed and shipped to you that day!

Andrew from Heritage Properties had the following to say about the system

We have used Dezrez for nearly 12 months now, and are getting along really well with the system. We find the digital print solution really easy to work with. Ravensworth offered to design our brochures but we opted to stick with our own designs. Dezrez implemented them into their system and we signed them off. We have a number of options which currently include A4 & A3 window cards as well as A4 2 page detail sheets and A3 4 page. The system gives me the flexibility to add the property, choose a suitable style, select the number I want and place my order. More often than not the brochures are returned next day and we are really happy with the quality. It’s simple! The vendors seem to really like them and it gives us an advantage over many of the agents in our area.

Have a look at a few examples of customers that use the Ravensworth Digital print service.

Heritage Properties 

Lanes Estates

Leese and Nagle

Whitehorn and Guard

If you are interested in finding out a bit more, please get in touch with Darren in our template team or speak to Ravensworth directly

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