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Very Busy, Very Nervous But Very Excited!

March moving into April is always one of my favourite times of the year. The sun seems to shine that little bit brighter, the days get longer, warmer and there is generally a feel good factor in the air. In what are still extremely difficult times for agents and the public alike, these little positives can make a world of difference.

What has this time of year got to do with me being busy, nervous or excited I hear you cry? Well, at dezrez we are on the cusp of rolling out a new piece of functionality that has been 24 months in the making. Functionality that allows estate agents to customize how they use our software, for example allowing a Sales Negotiator to have different functionality to that required by a Lettings Manager and different again to the set up of a Multi Branch Director. Those of you who use iGoogle or have customised their BBC homepage will already know what we mean by saying that the new features within dezrez will allow you to totally customise your desktop. We have appropriately named this functionality “Mydezrez”.

We have also created hundreds of new sales, lettings & negotiator reports within the software as well as spending a lot of time developing a new reporting engine that allows far greater detail and ease of access to the information that you want. In short, if a report you need isn’t there, just ask for it, odds on we can develop it pretty quickly. On top of this, we are releasing a new “viewing reaction” wizard and new property lists. You can finally split your commercial properties away from your residential sales and lettings. So, we have been busy!

March has been the month where we have started to show mydezrez and the reports to our customers. As you would expect, anything that takes such a long time to develop is a huge deal for us and we want to get the roll out right. We felt the best way to really show off mydezrez was to invite our very best users of the software to experience it firsthand.... as a group. This is why I have been so nervous.

That being said, the feedback we have had so far has been fantastic. All the agents invited to our seminars have been extremely helpful, honest and more often than not extremely flattering in their comments on mydezrez.

We are now in the process of planning how to best roll mydezrez out to the next batch of agents. This will be through invitational seminars, training days, customer visits and 1 to 1 Net sessions. Something we have been notoriously bad at is letting agents know about new functionality we have added, so this time we are going to make sure we get it right. If you want to get started on mydezrez just drop us a line and we will go through it with you.

As well as all this new development, we have been addressing the way we support you with technical and user help queries. We have realised that waiting for us to get back to you can be frustrating which is why we will be rolling out a brand new support process and phone system over the next few weeks. We really think it will improve our levels of support no end so watch this space.

This is why I am so excited about everything going on at dezrez at the moment and I am confident you will be too.


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