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Is there a multimap alternative?

There must be a fair few Estate Agents out there that were shocked to find that the maps to their properties suddenly stopped working the other day. Instead of a map on a brochure there was this message from Multimap saying:

Estate Agents To Find New Maps For Brochues has discontinued it’s mapping service and moved over to Bing maps. This is explained on their website multimap is moving.

So what does this mean for Estate Agents?

Multimap was the most convenient service to automatically place a map on a brochure and print it out, it was also free for Estate Agents. After dealing with the initial flurry of calls from you wondering what has happened to Multimap, we have come up with some alternative services you could use. OpenStreetMap provides all the functionality needed for displaying and printing maps on property particulars, and we are able to switch our agents over to this new service now. Goview is another service that Estate Agents can take advantage of with a range of map options available too.

Does anyone use any other mapping services on their property brochures?

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