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MD talks about some positive signs

It’s been a strange few weeks out there.  The usual summer holiday slowdown is well upon us.  Armageddon style scenes have been witnessed in London, Manchester and Birmingham and the S&P downgrading of the US credit rating causing a stock market crash!  Lots of negative property stuff in the press, “prices at 19 month low”, “pessimism stalks housing market”, “mortgage lending subdued” enough, enough!!  

Agents are still reporting “steady as she goes”! It’s tough out there but people are rolling with the punches and getting on with it.  Believe it or not we have seen some positive signs.  We are talking to lots of start-up agents here at Dezrez – Individuals with a vision, who want to get stuck in and give it a go! Many of our group agents have been re-opening branches that closed at the start of the credit crunch.  New agencies have been opening up second offices and flourishing.  This is fantastic – we love to see agents succeed.  These start-up businesses have been conceived in difficult times and only understand operating with purse strings drawn tight! A great platform to build from!  So it’s not all bad out there.

We are doing what we can to assist agents.  Roll out of “mydezrez” is gathering pace – you really must see it – it will make your life easier.  We are just testing our Uservoice functionality – a platform to allow agents to see system modifications and make suggestions.  Expect a notification on our login screen soon or have a look now (you will need your dezrez username and password). We have made some changes to speed up the property section of our software and are very pleased with the results.  In addition we are doing some final testing to help open cards, diary schedules and wizards more quickly.  We are releasing this imminently.

Happy with the service we give you, and would like a link, and some coverage on our website, why not send us some pictures of your office, cars, boards, staff party – anything interesting.  Fill in our testimonial form; we are launching our new site soon.  We’d love to have you on there.


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