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The wishlist is no more! Welcome to Uservoice

Welcome to Uservoice - This gives you the chance to suggest how we should modify dezrez and report any bugs that you find.


What will happen to your suggestions?
Both staff and other users of dezrez will be able to comment on your suggestions. We hope that together the community will be able to identify those ideas that would be useful to the majority of people. Some suggestions may be small changes, some may be large projects and some may not be possible. We will try and give thorough explanations on the work involved for all suggestions made and in those instances where we cannot embark on a project, explain why. Suggestions that are chosen will then be scoped and fitted into our development cycles. It is very unlikely that we will be able to start work immediately as work is determined by the area in which it sits as well as the other projects being worked on. We will keep our users up to date with expected start dates, details on progress and estimated completion times via the Uservoice pages and emails.

How does the Voting work?

You are given 10 votes for each forum. Allocate them to those suggestions you would find useful. Allocate multiple votes if you really like the suggestion. Don’t worry if a new idea appears that you like more, swap your votes from one idea to another. And when a suggestion is completed the votes are returned to you.

Get Involved

Please get involved... comment on other suggestions and use your votes. Only by contributing will your voice be heard. Please be patient in the initial period as obviously we are expecting a rush of requests at the inception of this system. All good suggestions will be stored and we will work our way through those over time. Feel free to contact us should you wish to find out a little about our development process.

Thanks for your involvement - You can log into Uservoice HERE

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