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How do you write yours?

How do you write yours?

If dezrez was an edible egg (you know the ones) we’d peel off the foil completely and eat the whole thing at once :-) not because we are greedy, but because we are fast workers!

Everyone is different though, and we understand agencies work in different ways when it comes to writing up a property.

Some use dictaphones, others scribble notes on a pre-printed market appraisal form. However, even with the best intentions, this can sometimes make things difficult for agency admin teams to make a property look professional and appealing to the buyer.

Don’t despair… the new dezrez property edit page will let you do it your way!

The new edit page is:

Auto-save – This feature will auto-save any work on the property after 3, 5 or 10 minutes.

Time Saving 

Upload multiple images at once – select a number of images and upload them all in one go!

Change key features – you can now rename ‘Description 1’ to Main Description or Bullet Points to make things easier.

Customise the page to the way you want it – move boxes, delete features and add in your own personal touch.

Accessible on the iPad and iPhone – write a property on the go (need 3G or Wi-Fi)

If you would like to beta test the eggstra special new property edit page please contact us today


The small print:

*If you edit a property through the beta version it will update the current property. Please test on a property in the ‘write-up’ or ‘Valued’ phase.


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