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A Message from our MD - The Evolving Purpose of Software

People’s expectations of software have changed; the way people interact with Software is very different. We call this the "1980's or 2012 test” it is a question our developers test against all the time. It’s something called the “evolving purpose of software”!

Individuals have moved away from expecting their software to simply provide information via manipulation. Users now expect to get feedback, receive relevant information and also communicate with their team and others that matter through a stream of consciousness. They want the info that relates to them and their job as well as peripheral information that might be relevant to them, all this alongside and included in functionality “letting them do their job”. People want to “fall in love" with the software they use. Apple has proved that people can fall in love with their devices and the software that sits on them. Ask any IPhone user why they don’t want a Samsung smart phone? Apple has taken a product and made it easy to use. They have thought about the user every step of the way not just focused on the job at hand.

The dezrez team have made a conscious effort and changed our approach with the development of dezrez PM Product. Because we are designing the product from scratch we are able to make this one of our key considerations. We are at the stage with PM now where these considerations are bearing fruit. The software is really starting to look good and is intuitive at every stage. Our efforts are paying off. We look forward to showing you these efforts. Clients that have seen it have been seriously impressed. Check out the PM section of our site. We are updating it with new snippets regularly.


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