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Year 1 of the dezrez user voice…

When our new user voice system was first discussed as replacement to the old email wish list at the beginning of 2011 there were many questions like will the tail end up wagging the dog, how do we make it fair and stop our bigger customers setting the agenda and chief amongst them will anyone actually use it?

Well to paraphrase the film “build it and they’ll come” and you did - over 540 unique requests not counting the duplicates that have been merged together by our team. Our limit of 10 votes per user and active management of the forums has stopped our bigger customers setting the agenda and we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of your success stories from this year and give you a hint at some of the functionality you have helped us to plan in.

As you may have seen from our recent blog post, we have completed 56 of your ideas from this year and have a further 37 in various stages of development.

One of our biggest successes from user voice was proving to the development team that the “security” feature of Dezrez logging out after an hour was a pain in the neck 82 individual users giving 152 votes to the request to keep me logged in, gave you a tick box on the login screen allowing you to choose whether you wanted to stay logged in permanently or not. Not all of our completed requests have had huge numbers of votes but they have linked into a project we already had planned which has enhanced the development in such a way that we would have been foolish to ignore, for example giving you the ability to delete all the photos on a property in one go.

One of the perks of putting in a user voice request is getting to test it before everyone else. Currently our beta testers are trying out our new property edit page which allows you to see more information about a property such as the number of viewing requests or the number of times the property has been emailed.

Currently our planned projects, if they are at all feasible in the current or any future architecture of Dezrez, will offer you the agent the ability to automatically send mail merges, sync with outlook, write your own confirmation emails, add multiple address’ for vendors, use the contact cards in a variety of different ways and add more information to the cards, have client accept appointments electronically, separate sales and lettings in more areas of the software.

User voice has also been used 112 times to request changes that Dezrez can already support, ranging from multiple email addresses on an applicant card to checking keys out to the new owners. Its fair to say that all of these requests are for areas that are not obvious in the software or have required a slight change in procedure for the agents, but in each case our support team are more than happy to call and guide you through the process, and some of the really encouraging things from our point of view was other agent commenting on requests telling people how achieve their request often in different ways to our ideas.

All in all its fair to say that the first full year of Dezrez voice has in our opinion been a success so thank you to everyone who has voted and contributed, apologies to anyone who’s idea has been declined due to a lack of support why not resubmit it and see if it gains more support this time?

And for anyone who hasn’t used uservoice yet, what are you waiting for?


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