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A message from Matt - Head of Support

Matt’s Message- Head of dezrez support

Support is the foundation stone of dezrez, and I want to share that message and meaning with you…

We receive and gather feedback about the support here at dezrez. More often than not, they’re positive. I think we’ve just come to maintain and expect these standards from our support staff here in HQ. But really, it’s one of the USPs of our business. Agents love the ability and ease to which they can pick up the phone and quickly be on the end talking to our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Support can be given via phone calls, email, or even via our online chat system. Feedback and ideas are also gathered from our ‘User Voice’ area so that we can listen to the needs of our agents.

Really, is this just something that is expected from agents as a minimum service standard or is it something that is unexpected and adds real value to our whole offering?

Since we released Live Chat as an additional way for our customers to get support from us, the feedback we have had regarding the service has been outstanding.



This was the most surprising stat for me. 93% of all people that have used the Live Chat feature would use it again. Does this mean the way of providing support is changing? I would say telephone support is reducing slowly but that does not mean we take our eye off the quality of telephone support we offer and put all our efforts into Live Chat support, each customer has different needs and we need to accommodate these and offer the same great support across all of our communication channels.

This is why I along with my support management team are in the process of re-training and guiding all members of the support team to offer even better support over the telephone. We want them to engage with the customer more and offer more of a personal feel to the call. So no matter which way of communication a customer decides to contact us, they will all be dealt with in the same manor.

You have to take the rough with the smooth, along with all the positive feedback we get, we also get negative feedback. Most people loathe negative feedback and tend to take it personally, being told you’ve failed to meet the expectations or that you have done something wrong can be a big confidence and drive moral down.

I on the other hand love negative feedback, it shows me where my support team are failing and allows me to put measures in place to stop this from happening. All negative feedback we receive into the support department is shared between us all. All members of the team get to see the feedback, this allows us to collaborate as team and learn from it.



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