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This month we are asking have you entered the digital age?

The Release Of dezrezPM!

We are happy to announce the much anticipated release of dezrezPM, our new fully integrated and online property management software. Bursting with functionality and a user friendly interface. We’re super excited to hear what you think about it!
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Top 10 Estate Agents

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 80% to 100% of the entire dezrez system.
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Direct Mail Best Practices? knows that Estate Agents are always looking for the next trend that will help market their business better by getting their messages/offers out there.

Though it's easy to get carried away by it all and overlook the basics. So if you are new to direct mail or your previous campaigns haven't been as successful as you would of liked, consider these four best practices to improve your results:

1. Don’t Forget the P.S

Research suggests 90% of recipients read the P.S. first (Source: Siegfried Vogele’s well-known Handbook of Direct Mail), more times than not this is all they will read. Experience supports this long-standing view, and why it features as our number one. Think of it as a summary, to reinforce your call to action and tell your audience why they should act upon your offer. A well put P.S. always improves the response rates. Always.

2. Make the best of the Call to Action

It’s imperative that your offer stands out. It should be clear, simple and concise. Offer multiple ways your audience to respond, be it a phone number, text, website or email address.

3. Design

Clean design that feature well-defined areas for the offer headline and call to action are basics in creating a piece of direct mail. Busy or garish designs can standout, but they kill response rates. If your audience doesn’t know where to look first, its a safe bet it won’t be where you want them to.

4. Bullet-Proof the Copy

Everyone scans direct mail to see if it is relevant to them, so to make it even easier for them and incorporate bullet points to highlight the key benefits or unique selling proposition (USP) of your offer. It's worth remembering it’s all about readability.

For more information on direct mail and our direct mail service, which can give you access to over 43 million data records, simply call on 08450 26 79 79 or click the button below for one of our advisors to contact you to talk more.

We thought we’d see whose eyes wandered down here first!

Say Cheese, The End Product!

A glimpse of the dezrez faces. Accessories included a fez hat...
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Website Of The Month Goes To...

What a great month for all. This prestigious award goes to...
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Employee Spotlight- Freya!

The faces behind the software. A great way to meet the team members.
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Wilf's Message

A critical review of your website...
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What's Coming Soon

Here at dezrez we aim to be one of the most innovative, creative and forward thinking software providers out there. That's why we're constantly investing in our employees to dedicate resources to improve our software. Adding new features to offer a better service to our clients, you the estate agent.

April Brings!

Compulsory Fields - A recent update to the dezrez software has allowed us to fulfil and adapt our software to meet the needs of our clients. Within the contact card you can now choose a large number of fields and make this a default for information to collect when estate agents are entering new contacts details. Essentially this acts as a nag field to improve the data collection of your staff members.

In the personal contact card you can change a large number of fields to suit your needs, some of these include, e-mail addresses, reason, current status, and grade to name just a few.

New Custom wizard - Custom wizard allows the negotiator to call us and ask for a custom entry to be created. All custom entries will appear with the same colour. EG Custom Entry = "Client expenses", Report = How much have I spent on clients this month? 

Bug Fixes 

1. Merge field fixes on compliant documents (bug)
2. New merge fields for rent arrears/pets/permitted occupiers and break clauses (change)
3. Grid panel alignment fixes (bug)
4. Maintenance module updates – improved audit trail (change)
5. Doc storage bug fix, tenant and property bills now save correctly (bug)
6. Improved vocabulary across site (change)
7. Extra details stored for contractor, PLI and NICEIC (change)
8. Tenant referencing now implemented with Van Mildert (change)
9. Added area to make notes about a rent demand (change)
10. Bank account details now stored for a contractor (change)

Website revamp! It’s time for a new look! We’re changing parts of the dezrez website, and for the better. Certain areas are long overdue for a new lick of paint and we hope that you’ll like what we’ve got planned. Some of the areas that we’re changing include the ‘about us’ section, our website navigation, our property management area, a new conveyancing tab and interestingly a marketplace section. 

Usage report overhaul – Over the years we've felt that our usage report is an underutilised piece of functionality that could be more beneficial and useful for our clients. It is a great reporting mechanism that should be useful for our clients to identify their performance and activity throughout the month and year. We've decided to have an overhaul of the usage report, making it look more aesthetically appealing, comparative in design, useful in nature and flexible in terms of the content that can go into it.


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