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Dezrez August Newsletter - News, Views, Updates & More!

In this issue - Website of the Month, Top 10 Agents, Rezi Goes Live and much more...

The Rezi Journey - From the Product Manager's Point of View

Freya Davies, Product Manager for Rezi, has orchestrated multiple departments in the creation of Rezi for the last 12 months.  Here, Freya gives us an overview of the journey Rezi has gone through from concept to completion...
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Website of the Month

Great month for websites!  This month, the award goes to...
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Top 10 Estate Agents

These Top 10 Agents have consistently used 90% or more of the entire Dezrez system.
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Dezrez Marketplace:

Ian Hawkins gives us an overview of BYM and how he thinks it will benefit your business.
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Infographic: Who are Team Rezi

The people behind the product share some fun tidbits with us...
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Training Events in Wales & the North

We are now offering Dezrez group training courses at more convenient locations for customers based in Wales & the North (and for those who fancy visiting!)
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Broaden your Market with Facebook

Allow people to search through your properties & share with their friends with our Facebook app!
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Happy Snappers

The staff at Dezrez competed with each other to produce some photos for our new software Rezi. And the winner is...

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Meet Matt Dendle

Matt Dendle has been with Dezrez for over 8 years and is now our Head of Architecture for Rezi.
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