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Dezrez Newsletter May 2015

Welcome to May's Newsletter In This Issue We Launch Our Spotlight Blog Where Each Month You Our Customers Are Asked A Series of Questions!

Have you heard? The election is coming!

Fair enough, it does feel like it’s all around us. Every other programme on TV is dedicated to some sort of debate or opinion show......
Click here to read Have you heard? The election is coming!.

Top 10 Agents

Find out who the Top Ten Estate Agents are for using using 90% or more of DezrezOne....
Click here to read Top 10 Agents.

Website of the Month

Our agents have some really great websites, but there can only be one winner...  
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Everything You Need to Know About Cloud

There is a lot of hot air around the term cloud computing.....

Click here to read Everything You Need to Know About Cloud.

Are You Ready For The Rezi Influx?

You've heard a lot about how each leading political party intends....

Click here to read Are You Ready For The Rezi Influx?.

In The Spotlight

This month welcome's a new feature where you our customers answer a series of questions.......

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Star Tech Blog

Read our regular Star Techs blog for the latest here from our in-house technical teams....

Click here to read Star Tech Blog.

Ian Says

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our Facebook Property App....

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Book A Viewing In Rezi

Check out the book a viewing product feature within Rezi...

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