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Welcome to the December Edition of the dezrez newsletter! Our final Newsletter of 2011! We have all the usual you would expect including our Top Ten Agents and Website of the year!

On top of this we hear from our technical director on his work with the MR X Charity, a special "meet the team blog" where you can put the faces to the names you always speak to on the phone! We also take a look the statistics on how your buyers have found you over the last 12 months, which makes for a VERY interesting read.

Finally, of course the newsletter wouldn’t be complete without a message from our MD! This month Wilf reflects on what a busy year it's been and how it takes a break like Christmas before you can really take a step back and take in everything you've achieved.

MD reflects on a busy 2011

On Friday last week I stood before the team and gave a small speech before we went on to celebrate Christmas at the office party. I gave the team an overview of their year. It brought home the rate at which we do things and what we have achieved.

We now have over 55 people working for us, supporting both the software and our legal businesses. A really good team of hard working, passionate guys. (Check them out in the latest blog.) As we grow we try really hard to keep the personal, friendly service of a small business. It’s important for us to stay in touch with our agents in order to understand you and your business. We are introducing new systems that mean we have clarity through all departments. It sounds simple to do but keeping everyone informed is difficult. But it is the key to our success. (We hate it when you call a business and the left doesn't know what the right is doing!) We’ve introduced other systems that help us listen to your ideas and deliver the good ones through the software more quickly. Check out “User voice” next time you log into dezrez.

Our agency base is growing at a steady rate and the number of customers that leave us is still very low (less than 1%). We are proud of that. To keep us and you ahead of the game we have invested heavily in the development team and have some great projects on the go to improve our offering. I am excited about announcing them in the near future. Our legal team has seen the biggest growth. Conveyancing is a tough business and we are doing a great job for our clients and the agents with whom we work. We get feedback from every client and give it to the agent (good or bad).

We are looking forward to working with you in the coming year and want to continue to improve and make a better software system and provide more useful services for you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support we have received. In addition I would personally like to extend my thanks to the Dezrez and Dezrez legal teams for their hard work in 2011.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Top Ten Agents of the Year

Which estate agent has consistantly used the highest % of dezrez in 2011?

In line with our top 10 agents of the last 12 months we bring you the dezrez Christmas number 1!
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Website Of The Year

I am pleased to announce Castles as our dezrez website of the Year 2011!

They were our website of the month back in January.

Castles’ new website utilises an xml based integration, allowing their web developers to pull live data through to the site, while still allowing them complete control over the design of the site.

The design of the site is stylish and well laid out, with a prominent search box on the home page and important information clearly signposted.

Castles have also made good use of our recently released Customer Login Area (see the “My Castles” section on the site). This allows vendors to log in to see information about their property, such as viewing feedback and their sales progression. Prospective buyers can also sign in to view their property portfolio, request brochures or viewings, and view an applicant report.



Find out about the dezrez team!

Have you ever wondered what some of the team at dezrez you speak with on a daily basis actually look like?! Maybe you’ve always wanted to know a little more about Darren Michael in the branding team, feel that little bit closer to Laura Liddell in the Legal Department or just wanted a plain old nose around the support team!

Well, today you can thank your lucky stars! You are about to feel like all your Christmases have come at once because… click on the link below to see some of the dezrez team and find out a little bit about each of them!
Click here to read Find out about the dezrez team!.

Where have all my buyers come from?

At the end of the year it’s always a good idea to look back and review. Being a bit of geek, Richard Wilson decided to dust off his Excel cap and look at some simple statistics of where our customers obtain their business. I dont think the number one source will be a great surprise but what will you make of where the rest of your marketing budget goes? Click the link below to find out more...
Click here to read Where have all my buyers come from?.

Richard's Ticket to Heaven

The Mr X Appeal is one of Swansea's best-loved and most enduring charities. The charity provides Christmas gifts for underprivileged and needy youngsters and has been running for 52 years.

Mr X is a local Swansea man and no-one knows his name – but his charity has done wonderful work over the years. He organises the gifts for between four and five thousand children a year.

Every Year without fail, our Technical Director Richard Wilson, organises the "present collection" in the dezrez office in aid of these under privlideged children in our local community. Essentially he, along with his good wife Tracey, makes sure these kids have at least one present to unwrap on Christmas morning.

For a couple of weeks a year dezrez is full of presents for children instead of being staffed by them! ;-)


Who Says Software Guys Sit Still

It takes quite a bit of energy and movement to manage nearly 2000 estate agents! Check out our time lapse video which shows a day in the life of our office. (We used all our will power not to put the “Benny Hill” music to the video!) Click the link below to see a day in the life of dezrez.
Click here to read Who Says Software Guys Sit Still.

Christmas opening times

Even we have to have a break now and again, and like most of the country we will be celebrating over Christmas. We will be running a limited support service if you do need to get hold of us. Click the link below to see our opening ours...
Click here to read Christmas opening times.


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