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Welcome to the January Edition of the dezrez newsletter, our first Newsletter of 2012! We have all the usual you would expect including our Top Ten Agents and Website of the month!

On top of this our Managing Director Wilf, talks about how mydezrez is helping our customers, a special "Legal Team A-Z" where you can find out a little more about our conveyancing department! We also take a look at how Estate Agents can use Twitter to win clients, which makes for a very interesting read.

Finally, with Christmas now a distant memory we hope you are looking forward to the rest of the year as much as we are. We have plenty of developments to tell you about over the next twelve months! “Watch this space” as they say.....

MD Message

We have a lot of long standing customers. Retaining customers is something we are proud of. Even though our customers buy into a relationship with us, software still requires work on the part of the agent. Paying a monthly subscription and receiving all your software updates is half the job. Implementing the changes the software offers and improving your business is an altogether different challenge. Unfortunately it’s the tough part.



Dezrez have worked with Chase Buchanan ( for many years. They are a great team of guys who we get on very well with. We encourage them to utilise the software and in fairness they really do (regularly in the top 5% of users). They also push us with software development and give us suggestions to improve our product.

When we rolled out Mydezrez we paid the guys at Chase Buchanan a visit. We showed them lots of changes we made and discussed how these changes could fit their business; we showed them how to modify the system so that the interface matched the job role of the user. We demonstrated how to access new powerful reports and created dashboards for the managers, valuers, negotiators and Saturday staff.

What I loved the most was the way that Chase Buchanan created a dashboard for managers and directors to analyse staff performance in specific areas of the business.

The guys have some 30+ users and wanted a way to create some competition and make sure people were doing what they should be doing. That’s what we worked on with them. Chase Buchanan now have a monthly get together where they praise and reward those who are achieving the most from their day. This monitoring and analysis via Mydezrez also enables them to highlight training or personnel issues and nip them in the bud before they become a bigger problem.

Well done to Chase Buchanan – that’s progress. If you would like us to come and visit your agency and help you fit the software to the goals you want to achieve talk to us. We love improvement!

Best wishes

Wilf Lewis

Our Top 10 Estate Agents For January

Who's using dezrez to the fullest? Have a look and see which of our Estate Agents made it into our top 10 usage league for January
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Have You Made It Into Our TOP TEN Uservoice Contributors?

It has been just over 6 months since we launched our Uservoice Customer Ideas Forum. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, it’s a way for dezrez customers to put ideas forward for development and then have other estate agents vote on it. The idea being that you help build our development pipeline and develop our Estate agency software.

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The A-Z Of Dezrez Legal

An insight into our Conveyancing Department. Here is the A-Z of The Dezrez Legal Team....

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Website Of The Month

Every month we nominate a web site that is considered to be of the highest standard to be our estate agent website of the month. Have a look to see who made it to the top this month.
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Are You Listening In Twitter Land?

My colleague, Matt Davies, wrote a very interesting blog on using Twitter and Facebook last year, which got me thinking on how specific a company could get with just how reactive they are to Social Media, in particularly, Twitter.

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Tweet Your Properties From Dezrez

Check out the latest widget available within Mydezrez! The new Twitter Feed widget allows you link your Twitter account to dezrez allowing you to tweet your properties, send out a general tweet and follow twitter users conversations, all from within dezrez estate agent software.

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